Friday, November 26, 2010

good night my love - visual sequences

 its all about music,we should visualize the music into drawing sequence
visual sequences is needed when the designer wants to designing or editing the mv(music video) 
just like a mindmap before visualize the concept into next step,imagine the visual element of the every single excited

taken from visual communication design class on my 2nd semester
 i got this music to visualize the sound 

selamat malam(good night) by Evie tamala
you can download and hear the music here :

watercolor paper 15cmx15cm,
yellow - grey and purple watercolor,
black drawing pen for pointilism background and strokes
6h pencil for sketch

the concepts
each block on that project represent one sentences on that music's lyric.
the moon and the girl means the moon is a boyfriend on this music the girl is fragile-hearted
 and  draw it like a lonely fairies.this music is a sad harmony musicalization 
the color i choose are purple and soft yellow+pointilism black and white as a background
-he clouds , its a circling somehow haha , its represent the music,its a dangdut
(one of indonesia typical music)

this is important assignment for me, i want to be a director,directoring the mv or musical happy that i had this experience as my portofolio

its 97 , an A plus this time ;)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

bouncing ball - 2d animation

assignment on my animation subject on 3rd semester
and the project is to make an animation 2d bouncing ball
its all about timing spacing and the fact is its an manual animation
to make a 1 second animation we need 24frames,i should draw the ball movement in 48frames
and animate it in adobe flash   

media :
48paper , a taxbar , red marker and pencil to sketch the movement

its a manual animation on 48 paper frame
scan and animate it haha its not simple at all
this is the first animation i ever created,my lecturer said this can reach 85point 
which means its an A

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

self potrait - 2d visualization

this assignment shows the individual designer,who can describe only with the visual
it contains the characteristic,physical and hobby 
 visual communication design class from my 2nd semester
haha i love to draw and execute it because this one is all abt me and it describes me a lot

and here it is 

media : watercolor,a4 watercolor paper,chinese ink,pencil color

the concept
the silhouete from camera means i do love photography 
the names i visualize it with swing typeface,im unstable lol
the 2 floding clothes means i love fashion and addicted to it 
letter i point means im a gloomy and have an onion headed hairstyle 
the rope i use on cam its a film thats describe i like watching movies,
the purple watercolor as a background means im a melancholy and romantic

its 82 which means its B 

dead history - type compositing

taken from typography1 class on 2nd semester
this assignment is one of  my daily task composition type used on that class,but there's something unique on it

the dead history typeface
is a font that combining the serif and sans serif onto one,
so its hard to composing it
besides its a grid based too

the appear

media : digital design and printed in 20cmx20cm bc paper
i got 85 on this assignment its an A , 

movie poster - style copying

taken from the final test on graphic computer2 on my 2nd semester
 its copying the movie poster.its style and the color,its not 100% copying
 but its just try to learn the editing technique, dificult since we have to make the element 
on our poster using a brush or a photo taken from our own camera

nim's island

and this is my movie poster 
lomo island

i got 85 this time,its still A 

metaphor - rising your natural beauty with the bodyshop

hold on tight !! this is my favourite assignment design

they selling cosmetics and other beautiful things to refresh our body like parfume,soap,cream,lotion etc
its natural and good for your body
the bodyshop product

 the design

media :
 a4 bc paper,black drawingpen,pencil color,soft pastel,pencil
a manual drawing

the concept i brought here :
the bodyshop is a beauty natural cosmetical care for our body to gain our looks become so damn good
so i draw a woman which is represented the beauty and bodycare
the flower flew from her mouth represent that the bodyshop product would give you the freshness to your body
and its natural !! so i draw a lot of flower+fruit 
its just like a fairy in the forest with the 100% charm

its 95,an A plus..

one design per day, its a MUST and its a minimum


not my assignment just like other post,
its a message to designer,a lot of my tutor design in my university dnt do it,  
as a designer we have to gain more skill to design sumthin

"try to design different thing everyday"

if we do will def increase our art sense
 and designing something will be so much fun and more easier
the inspiration comes from my lecturer,thanks sir ;)

composite the serif and sans serif type

media : 
postercolor,pencil,soft pastel and triangle bc paper that i dont know the size lol

the typeface taken from garamond and helvetica typeface

this assignment is about composition,and well balanced to be good looks
there's no concept at all hha just let my art sense went through yihaa
its 80 B , the lecturer said that there's something wrong with the color this time,
maybe he just doesnt like it lol

football match sound - sound problem

 the sound,the football match sound 
between persija and persebaya(football team on indonesia) 
the assignment is from visual communiction design1 on my 2nd semester

media : 
watercolor,poster color,pencil color,chinese ink,and 10cmx10cm bc paper
here's the appear

 i draw two poin big orange and green,
orange is the simbolize of the persija team,persija always wear orange on their match 
and the green one represent the persebaya team... the patterns,lines and the shape elements
i brought here were just like a sound and the center,the blue and the football shape it represent the sound from the refree and sound from the football player,

this is the first visual communication design1 class,and its 80 , its B but almost A 
maybe the lecturer doesnt really like the visual element 

Monday, November 22, 2010

texture - 2d drawing

honestly this is the first worthed point on my visual 
communication design majoring lol.its from my 1st semester on layout class

on this assignment i draw a texture only on 2d flat bc paper
adding a depth to my design to be more realistic

media : black drawing pen,black marker and bc paper 20cmx20cm
A plus , and this time .. its 92 

graphic styles

one of my assignment in visual communication design1 class on 2nd semester 

the object + the type
i should draw that 2 things above into each graphic styles
media : poster color,drawing pen,pencil color and bc paper 10cmx15cm

confused? haha just as i tought 
okay here's the appear

up left art nouveau,up right art deco,down left psychedelic,down right indonesian culture

object : computer mouse on the up right
can you see the object? its on up right each drawing

type : letter T
tought this one is more easier 

the object and type makes this assignment become unity 
and thats the difficult part to create something and re-draw it into the style period 
point of this assignment is lecturer wants us to know the baground styles in the as a designer know the history behind it.. its useful as our references 

an A plus for this assignment,its 95 hehe
i love this assignment,its full of art historical passion there 
especially art nouveau

my own stationary - coorporate design

this project is for my midterm test on my typography2 class on my 3rd semester, this time i arranged the type to become a coorporate design identity such as envelope,business card and the letterhead

the design needs to shows an identity and unity to one and another,
i leanrt a lot and had a good criticism from my lecturer from doin this one

its 75, B point (-_-)

bravery , gallant and manliness - type composition

 one of my project on my typography class is designing the type composition. 
we have to watch over its legibility and the mood
they're so many rules on layoutin this assignment.. we can't overlapping the type and this assignment is grid based etc etc

the keyword are : strong,bavery,gallant,manliness etc
combining it all on 20x20cm media(digital)

this assignment is done in bahasa Indonesia,my own country language

 the concept 
bravery galaant and manliness is all about men,adult strong and passion,its a STRONG MAN
so i decided to choose red color between black and white to create a strong gallant mood

compositing the type
in my opinion its a well balanced composite because there's a negatif blank space on both up and down
and my lecturer like it 

 i got 90 ,its an A lucky me :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

WATCH OUT ! ZOMBIE INFECTED - digital imaging

 portofolio on digital imaging,its a midterm test on graphic computer2 class

my lecturer suddenly told me that the project theme is about vampire,something that im not happy to hear at all . .
 make it real,thats the most difficult part,make it REAL ,

the concept
 i was get cought by the zombie and become one of them
and i eat (yuck) people who walks in front of me,i was extremely exhausted and swallowed a lot of blood

3 picture baground 
-the sculpture
-the building
-and the night scenery

i got 95 on this assignment which mean its an A plus 

owner's intermezzo

this is the first posting on my own portofolio design blog,for warming up i'll introduce myself,


who are you anyway?
am wisnu,majoring animation art and design at bina nusantara university , 
am on 7th semester now
 my specific design is animation but i do love graphic design which i work on 2d like illustration,typography etc

why you chose design industries?
design is my passion, when i was a child i draw tons of character,illustration and comical things..and i still doin it til now,
on high school i spent my extra time to take some photograph and editing,its soo much fun really !!

this photo taken when i was on 2nd grade on senior highschool,officialy this is my self studying- design before i know the true rules and how to create a very good design 

and now here i am , the boy who seriously wants to show his experties
in design industry