Sunday, November 21, 2010

owner's intermezzo

this is the first posting on my own portofolio design blog,for warming up i'll introduce myself,


who are you anyway?
am wisnu,majoring animation art and design at bina nusantara university , 
am on 7th semester now
 my specific design is animation but i do love graphic design which i work on 2d like illustration,typography etc

why you chose design industries?
design is my passion, when i was a child i draw tons of character,illustration and comical things..and i still doin it til now,
on high school i spent my extra time to take some photograph and editing,its soo much fun really !!

this photo taken when i was on 2nd grade on senior highschool,officialy this is my self studying- design before i know the true rules and how to create a very good design 

and now here i am , the boy who seriously wants to show his experties
in design industry

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