Monday, November 22, 2010

bravery , gallant and manliness - type composition

 one of my project on my typography class is designing the type composition. 
we have to watch over its legibility and the mood
they're so many rules on layoutin this assignment.. we can't overlapping the type and this assignment is grid based etc etc

the keyword are : strong,bavery,gallant,manliness etc
combining it all on 20x20cm media(digital)

this assignment is done in bahasa Indonesia,my own country language

 the concept 
bravery galaant and manliness is all about men,adult strong and passion,its a STRONG MAN
so i decided to choose red color between black and white to create a strong gallant mood

compositing the type
in my opinion its a well balanced composite because there's a negatif blank space on both up and down
and my lecturer like it 

 i got 90 ,its an A lucky me :)

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