Sunday, January 2, 2011

top 5 fashion magazine - type composition

this is my own top 5 fashion magazine,my random artwork haha

elle , w magazine , harpers bazaar

vogue and teen vogue

daktarin tvc - storyboard

- three weird fungis disguise using robe
- they went passing the daktarin guardian to enter the secure area
- the guardian realize that three things seems suspicous 
- 3fungis laughing evily and says "haha stupid guardian"
- one of the fungi step on another robe
- "gyaaa what r u doin'"
- the guardian knows their fake disguise
- daktarin finished them all
- evidently they are all on woman's shoulder
- the woman smiles and the area was secured
- good bye fungi

taken from my audio visual class on 3rd semester,its a tv commercials a storyboard idea before shoot the commercial into the next level.. an assignment that bring me more closer become an art director 
media : watercolor,cansonwatercolor paper,adobe photoshop for retouch

random art - self face drawing

draw myself and walaaa
the execution is far from what i expected

i love to draw a line visual element,black and white,and typeface

media : drawing pen,photoshop cs4 for adding typeface