Monday, February 14, 2011

3 stunning girl in model industry - random artwork

my random artwork on my holiday,i did this things abt 3hours lol
this 3 gorgeous models are all my fave and absolutely hi fashion
enjoy :)




Sunday, February 13, 2011

run and jump - 2d animation

my last assignment in animation class on 3rd semester,i felt so relief with all of this 2d animation..
 we had to create animation scene which is it's as same as our lastets character butw now he's running and then jumping 
done animating it into 3 different shots and it takes like abt 280 frames drawing. 

the animation :

i got 95 for this assignment,ended up with an A score yeayy !!

character standart manual - character design

taken from my final exam of character design class on 3rd semester
we had to design the characters from a novel which we already read before,
then we design the characters,

here they are my character design from indonesian novel : sleeping beauty syndrome
(up to down) Kevin,Fenella,Marissa,Billie,and Eric  

 the character comparison,
give the details comparison about the height of every single characters

a scene taken from the novel 

i realize that i needed an extra work to do ..because its 32pages of a3 bc paper,
gestures,ekspressions,model sheets,etc
i got 96 which means its an A

personality walking character - 2d animation

 taken from my animation class on 3rd semester
we had to make a walking human animation + addin the personality and attitude in it,
so i created the character like me

even and my tutor n friends said it was me lol

walking - 2d animation

 one of the assignment in animation design class
 on 3rd semester,we had to make a human walking with manual drawing 
then animate it,this is not simple as you can see 
media : paper,pencil,drawing pen,scan and then animate 

coorporate color - coorporate identity

assignment taken from color theory class on my 1st semester 
the colors are to represent the mood of the company
its a manual coloring using poster color,and watercolor paper,

my company is all about leather and boots shoes
so i picked brown,reddish brown,broken white chocolate,black and yellow ocre
those 5 colors are the coorporate company colors so viewers could easily knows the product just by seeing its mood on it 
in this case i didnt draw a real shoes,just a visual elements that match the mood

price tag,brand list,shopping bag,and wrapping paper
media : poster color,lyra and winsor brush,watercolor paper
i got 88 on this assignment,its an A

form follow meaning - typography

 taken from typography 2 class on my 3rd semester 
in this assignment we had to communicate with visualize ..meaning of the words,
so viewers knows what the meaning is,
 called form follow meaning

membalik (flippin')

berhimpit (stackin')

its a monochrome grayscale assignment so the point of this assignment is
 "designers should be able to communicate with its visual" 
i got 90 on this assignment its an A

walk cycle - 2d animation

walk cycle animation was my second animation assignment
taken from my visual communication animation design class on 3rd semester 
my very first walking animation i ever created lol, am so excited back then

this is a manual animation that i draw on 26 piece of paper,a hard work 

movie poster - title and compositing type design

this assignment taken from typography 2 on my 3rd semester
we had to create a movie title for our animation movie,
the movie based on one of the most famous indonesian folklore.and i got timun mas 
for this assignment !!

here's the movie title type appear

the concept on this movie title as my design :
-a floral and an art nouveau- liked symbolize of the woman
-a simple cucumber silhouete in "A" is symbol of cucumber(in silhouete) 
-because of the GOLDEN itself ,i choose the yellow-gold-orange colours 
-the green colour on "legenda",it represented the colours of Indonesia which is tropical 
-the indonesian typeface : to emphasis the indonesian mood as a visual 


i designed both type n illustration in photoshop after i sketched it on manual drawing,and  then execute it with my pen tablet
i got 85 (A) for this assignment

animation history - layout design

this is my assignment on 3rd semester,taken from animation history class
abt 3 different animation styles
 magazine layout look alike

this assignment was a team project but im the one who did the the type layout