Sunday, February 13, 2011

movie poster - title and compositing type design

this assignment taken from typography 2 on my 3rd semester
we had to create a movie title for our animation movie,
the movie based on one of the most famous indonesian folklore.and i got timun mas 
for this assignment !!

here's the movie title type appear

the concept on this movie title as my design :
-a floral and an art nouveau- liked symbolize of the woman
-a simple cucumber silhouete in "A" is symbol of cucumber(in silhouete) 
-because of the GOLDEN itself ,i choose the yellow-gold-orange colours 
-the green colour on "legenda",it represented the colours of Indonesia which is tropical 
-the indonesian typeface : to emphasis the indonesian mood as a visual 


i designed both type n illustration in photoshop after i sketched it on manual drawing,and  then execute it with my pen tablet
i got 85 (A) for this assignment

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