Monday, July 11, 2011

dear people - random type for blackberry users

another random artwork made by me in a random situation
this idea suddenly appear when i check my blackberry messenger contact
a LOT of people used weirdo ridiculous awkward name,thats pathetic
for example : 9yon V3rY v3riY cU7e
i mean,really guys???thats irritating lol

Thursday, July 7, 2011

tole - character design

this assignment taken from my character design subject on my 3rd semester,
i had to make a design with an unique based story,so i brought the concept abt rocker,
a very fabulous rocker but he broke his career lol he became a bum after he lost all his popularity,his moneys,
even his familys leave him litterally he lost everything,

the appear

done with pencil,copict color,pencils color and drawing pen on a bc paper
this is my practicum studio assignment  
i got 90 this time,another A score yeay

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

art student goin' wild - character design

taken from my character design subject on 3rd semester,
this time i had to make a design for 4 different art student personality..
and i thought it was amazing because i love creating a characters..very challenging,make a new appear,illustration and create something as a visual,love it and the concept i brought here was to make an extremely unique looks to
emphasis the message,like the colors,gesture,etc

from left to right :
happy art student(girl) - adventurer art student(boy) - leader type art student(girl) - coward type art student(boy)

i got 85 ,an A score  yeaah

Andy's betawi family - character design

my midterm test character design subject on 3rd semester,
we had to design a characters based on a script with dialogue.
just read and then try to knows the characteristic for each character to make the visual 
matches with the story,

from left to right : andy - mr rianto - mat slamet - mpok rokaye

he is an unstable boy who doesnt really like to school,
he spent a lot of his times in front of tv playing playstation..
thats make he doesnt want to go to school anymore,
he said schooling is the most boring thing to do

mr Rianto
andy's teacher,a kind and friendly teacher who wants to meet andi's parents
and ask what makes andi doesnt want to go to school anymore,a patient nice guy type

Mat slamet
andy's dad,a real betawi people(betawi is one of the tribe in Indonesia)
 he loves to raise a lot of chicken,so he always on the backyard,which lot of his henhouse placed there

mpok Rokaye
an agressive hyperactive and natural speak person who sells the fries,
she always happy and care.flirtatious one lol

i got 84 for this midterm test,1 more point to get an A score

Tito the Indonesian detective - character design

 Tito 28 years old,he is Indonesian,a brave,smart and friendly
detective who always solve the case easily taken from my
 character design class on my 3rd semester
the appear

concept :
detective usually appear as a cool,smart and sharp guy but the concept i bought here 
was showing warmth and friendly attitude to Tito,it makes everyone feel comfortable 
when they're arround to him,a charismatic detective and
he loves ayam goreng(a roasted chicken in Indonesia)

i got 85 another A , kacinkk !!

animals based character - character design

 taken from my character design class on 3rd semester,
 a character animal based,it can be anything,
like zebras,elephant,ant etc but now i'll show you my animal character friends
they're ultimately adorable

here they are

CODY - clown fish
Cody is an amazingly attractive talented clown fish singer
with his album called "im a fisherman", a very popular guy,ehem fish lol

 MILO - chick
she is a melancholy sweet little chick,she always looks sad no matter what is goin on arround her..
 she lost her parents when she hatched from egg,
but she is a sweet and genuine chick

LAURA - fox
Laura is a flirty party femme fox gurl,always touch up her looks
ended up wear a glamour dress,very high end and classy.she is the bitchy bitch one,
she wants to find a rich fox,so he can buy her anything

i got 85 for cody, 90 for laura and Milo is one of my random artwork lol
and they're all manual sketches assignments

Monday, July 4, 2011

3 little dreams - screenplay of animation

THIS !! this is one of my lovely portofolio this semester,i love this one really
taken from my screenplay of animation class on 4th semester,we had to create a brand new fresh story and memorable.. me and my team high definition creating a fabel cute story for anybody kid especially 

title : 3little dreams
scriptwriter and original story by friska melyanti
character design+directed by wisnu kusuma(me)
background artist by : denny dwi
inking and coloring by : siska susan
editor by : muhammad fahmi

the story 
once upon a time there's 3 animals in the forest..they get along very well and one day they gather n talk about their dreams in front of a huge lake..the bird wants to live in a water,he think he'll be more happier if he could swim and live in a water..the rabbit also tells his dream to have a huge wings so he can fly through the sky..and the fish telling the others about his dream,he wants to be able to walk on earth with his leg,which he doesnt have..but oneday rosela the forest goddess hears their dreams and let their dreams come true with her magic..see the adventure of the rabbit,bird and fish here,the storyboard and the animation are all below..i hope you enjoy 

the storyboard

our simple animation

we got 95 for this assignment 

sprite the freshness - tv commercial

this assignment is my very first debut as a director,it was a tv commercial assignment taken from audio visual class on 4th semester. an "on the spot" shot,my lecturer brought us to a park which means we had to shot there,they wanted us to make anything and just be creative,my team and i decided to make a sprite commercial just because we shot in the middle of the day,the sun brights so shine and its really really hot,
we need somethin that could fill our energy back and got fresh

here's the commercial

producer : siska susan
director : wisnu kusuma(me)
scriptwriter : friska melyanti
cameraman:denny dwi
editor : muhammad fahmi

we got 88 for this assignment,which its an A,oh how love this commercial

family program - Public Service Announcement

one of my favourite assignment haha,we found lot of fun while we executing this assignment,
a team assignment with my partners,muhammad fahmi,denny dwi,siska susan,and friska melyanti
my duty is as an art director who direct the shot and help the d.o.p to visualize an interesting concept from storyboard

we named our team as a HIGH DEFINITION 
i also as a storyboard artist,here's the simple storyboard i made for this PSA

the concept is about a youngsters who wants to have a family,they have to plan abt how much they want to have a child,not too much child to grow more population explosion in this country,we visualized it and give them in negative ways so the viewers would think twice before they wanted to have a lot of child,2 childs better (a program on my country in Indonesia)

here's the video,enjoy

high definition - coorporate identity

 an identity from my audio visual class team,
the team members are : wisnu kusuma(me),muhammad fahmi,denny dwi,siska susan,and friska melyanti
we created an identity to give an emphasis to our team from another team

our logo
honestly the logo is created by fahmi,he suddenly create this logo,so i dont know the concepts are lol
but am the one who came up with the design such as it's cd+cover,proposal and title
 the appear

papercraft paperjoy - coorporate identity

my coorporate identity taken from entrepreneurship class on 4th semester,
in my entrepreneurship class we should create a businessplan,a plan to created a busisness,whatever it is,an online business or food and beverage, my team had an idea abt a company selling the papercraft as a product
my duty here is to create the logo,the envelope,business card for every employee etc..a coorporate identity


concepts i brought here :
papercraft paperjoy is a company selling papercraft so a pick a bird origami as a metaphor of paper-creative things based,i choose the blue color as a primary color to represented how we care our customers abt giving an ultimate quality that they would get and we always updating our design,because papercraft is a technology combining design so i choose grey and blue as a modern imagery,i draw a bird there because papercraft paperjoy is a company online based and we will serving you as fast as a bird

and here's the coorporate identity
such as,letterhead,business card and envelope

lipsync animation - 3d animation

another hard work assignment taken from my animation class on my 4th semester,we had to make a lipsync on our animation so the character is saying somethings look alike..the dialogues are the best part lol,its a warkop dki dialogue,a huge fenomenal comedy group in my lecturer pick that dialogue to kept indonesian marksign as indonesian animator

for the first time i like "what the hell" but its getting more and more interesting lol

here's the video

the concept i brought here :
oneday 2friends are having a fun drive,the blue one is singing while the orange one is bored and then they had a car accident,they crushed a young woman..the blue guy kept blaming on the orange guy,he said that bcz the orange guy didnt pay attention that much while driving
i got 85 yeah,another A score..lovely lovely

dancing - 3d animation

this is my midterm test on my animation class on 4th semester,a dance animation for about 20second my lecturer said that as an animator we have do the same things as a reference to our animation
so i make my own dance video,a 1minute video as a reference,with me dancing on it lol
but i wont upload that video because that was so embarrassing and horrible lol

i skip a beat a lot in here,the deadline def makes me crayzeeh,
to be honest i didnt do my best in this assignment,

 the animation

i got 73 this time,eeergh -__-

lifting object - 3d animation

an assignment to proof how understood we are about body mechanical,
make the red box looks like they have a realistic height
taken from my animation class on my 4th semester,

here it is

i got 85 for this assignment,yeay !! an A score

fenella - 3d-modeling character

4thousands polys as a low poly and 18thousand polys with turbosmooth
an organic object needs a lot of polys so i've tried to get my lowest poly here,its quite difficult
here's the steps when i modeled her : model-unwrap-rigging(bone+skinning)-gesture detailing-rendering
my very first 3d modeling character ever,the model taken from my character standart manual assignment 
from my character design class,her name is Fenella

here's my 3d modeling showreel,

i also render as an image,

i got 84 this time

walking - 3d animation

i've done my walking animation before but in 2d,now i have to do it on 3d using autodesk 3ds max
taken from my animation class on my 4th semester

here it is,feel free to push play button

i got 75 for this assignment,the lecturer said i have to add more arch
and overlapping..he also said that i need to retiming it

gestures and expressions - 3d animation

another assignment from my animation class on 4th semester,
this is a step before we execute the real animation,the gesture image,
my lecturer said we should know the body mechanical works before we're going to the next level,
the moving gesture called animation so this is my gesture and expression assignment,
i moved all of body mechanical detail and dressed the characters
my lecturer gave me a notes what gesture is goin to be potrayed as 
here's the appear

the knight seducing a tomboy girl 

granny and the tomboy girl gets mad

tomboy girl give a present to an idiotic boy

granny knows the feminine girl that she was pregnant

granny gives her advice to angry idiotic boy

girl's fake competition

i got 75 this time,its B and my lecturer said he likes it

bouncing ball - 3d animation

taken from animation class on 4th semester,this is my first animation using autodesk 3ds max
i made a bouncing ball using a standart primitive object becoming a bouncing ball like a real ball bouncing everywhere and not to forget the animation principle like arch,squash and stretch etc
i've found a lot of difficult when i doing this assignment,really complicated. 

feel free to play

the lecturer keep the score,so i had no idea at all lol hopefully i get B
but he said that green ball didnt appear realistic enough as a ball,i miss somethin' in key and the timing  

indonesian village - 3d modeling

 a midterm test in my 3d modeling class i had to model an Indonesian village,which means its must have  had a model of a banana tree,a villagers house,hoe,and another plants.this one is a live practicum exam,done with about 4hours on my college pc.the timing the crowd are hectic the pc itself succesfully made me nervous but i love the final result

its 5000 poly

indonesian,with a barrel,hoe,a farm and a stall house lol
finally i got 90 on my 3d-modeling class,thanks god

park environment - 3d modeling

another assignment taken from my 3d modeling class on 4th semester,
this assignment is a part of my character desgin project which means
 i had to model my own scene environment from novel

its not too easy because i learnt new technique called alpha mapping,but thats quite fun..real fun
here's the render

it called triangle park just because they have a 3 lamps formed triangle,
and this park is a park in the middle of a big city crowd
i got 80 again which means its a B

20items 3d model - 3d modeling

this is my very first 3d modeling .i used 3ds max on my 3d modeling class on 4th semester,we should model 20 items,it could be anything but i designed it and whop whop its becoming a living room + mini kitchen
i didnt find any difficult when i execute it,jst because i always enjoy making a new things

it called low poly with just 6.000 polys 
the concept i brought here was a mini apartment studio 
for an aboard student with mood of an energetic young and classy hi end colors

here's the render image 

done with about 4steps modeling-texturing-lighting-rendering
i got 80 this time its B