Monday, July 4, 2011

family program - Public Service Announcement

one of my favourite assignment haha,we found lot of fun while we executing this assignment,
a team assignment with my partners,muhammad fahmi,denny dwi,siska susan,and friska melyanti
my duty is as an art director who direct the shot and help the d.o.p to visualize an interesting concept from storyboard

we named our team as a HIGH DEFINITION 
i also as a storyboard artist,here's the simple storyboard i made for this PSA

the concept is about a youngsters who wants to have a family,they have to plan abt how much they want to have a child,not too much child to grow more population explosion in this country,we visualized it and give them in negative ways so the viewers would think twice before they wanted to have a lot of child,2 childs better (a program on my country in Indonesia)

here's the video,enjoy

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