Monday, November 22, 2010

graphic styles

one of my assignment in visual communication design1 class on 2nd semester 

the object + the type
i should draw that 2 things above into each graphic styles
media : poster color,drawing pen,pencil color and bc paper 10cmx15cm

confused? haha just as i tought 
okay here's the appear

up left art nouveau,up right art deco,down left psychedelic,down right indonesian culture

object : computer mouse on the up right
can you see the object? its on up right each drawing

type : letter T
tought this one is more easier 

the object and type makes this assignment become unity 
and thats the difficult part to create something and re-draw it into the style period 
point of this assignment is lecturer wants us to know the baground styles in the as a designer know the history behind it.. its useful as our references 

an A plus for this assignment,its 95 hehe
i love this assignment,its full of art historical passion there 
especially art nouveau

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