Wednesday, November 24, 2010

metaphor - rising your natural beauty with the bodyshop

hold on tight !! this is my favourite assignment design

they selling cosmetics and other beautiful things to refresh our body like parfume,soap,cream,lotion etc
its natural and good for your body
the bodyshop product

 the design

media :
 a4 bc paper,black drawingpen,pencil color,soft pastel,pencil
a manual drawing

the concept i brought here :
the bodyshop is a beauty natural cosmetical care for our body to gain our looks become so damn good
so i draw a woman which is represented the beauty and bodycare
the flower flew from her mouth represent that the bodyshop product would give you the freshness to your body
and its natural !! so i draw a lot of flower+fruit 
its just like a fairy in the forest with the 100% charm

its 95,an A plus..

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