Wednesday, November 24, 2010

self potrait - 2d visualization

this assignment shows the individual designer,who can describe only with the visual
it contains the characteristic,physical and hobby 
 visual communication design class from my 2nd semester
haha i love to draw and execute it because this one is all abt me and it describes me a lot

and here it is 

media : watercolor,a4 watercolor paper,chinese ink,pencil color

the concept
the silhouete from camera means i do love photography 
the names i visualize it with swing typeface,im unstable lol
the 2 floding clothes means i love fashion and addicted to it 
letter i point means im a gloomy and have an onion headed hairstyle 
the rope i use on cam its a film thats describe i like watching movies,
the purple watercolor as a background means im a melancholy and romantic

its 82 which means its B 

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