Wednesday, November 24, 2010

football match sound - sound problem

 the sound,the football match sound 
between persija and persebaya(football team on indonesia) 
the assignment is from visual communiction design1 on my 2nd semester

media : 
watercolor,poster color,pencil color,chinese ink,and 10cmx10cm bc paper
here's the appear

 i draw two poin big orange and green,
orange is the simbolize of the persija team,persija always wear orange on their match 
and the green one represent the persebaya team... the patterns,lines and the shape elements
i brought here were just like a sound and the center,the blue and the football shape it represent the sound from the refree and sound from the football player,

this is the first visual communication design1 class,and its 80 , its B but almost A 
maybe the lecturer doesnt really like the visual element 

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