Friday, November 26, 2010

good night my love - visual sequences

 its all about music,we should visualize the music into drawing sequence
visual sequences is needed when the designer wants to designing or editing the mv(music video) 
just like a mindmap before visualize the concept into next step,imagine the visual element of the every single excited

taken from visual communication design class on my 2nd semester
 i got this music to visualize the sound 

selamat malam(good night) by Evie tamala
you can download and hear the music here :

watercolor paper 15cmx15cm,
yellow - grey and purple watercolor,
black drawing pen for pointilism background and strokes
6h pencil for sketch

the concepts
each block on that project represent one sentences on that music's lyric.
the moon and the girl means the moon is a boyfriend on this music the girl is fragile-hearted
 and  draw it like a lonely fairies.this music is a sad harmony musicalization 
the color i choose are purple and soft yellow+pointilism black and white as a background
-he clouds , its a circling somehow haha , its represent the music,its a dangdut
(one of indonesia typical music)

this is important assignment for me, i want to be a director,directoring the mv or musical happy that i had this experience as my portofolio

its 97 , an A plus this time ;)

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