Monday, July 4, 2011

3 little dreams - screenplay of animation

THIS !! this is one of my lovely portofolio this semester,i love this one really
taken from my screenplay of animation class on 4th semester,we had to create a brand new fresh story and memorable.. me and my team high definition creating a fabel cute story for anybody kid especially 

title : 3little dreams
scriptwriter and original story by friska melyanti
character design+directed by wisnu kusuma(me)
background artist by : denny dwi
inking and coloring by : siska susan
editor by : muhammad fahmi

the story 
once upon a time there's 3 animals in the forest..they get along very well and one day they gather n talk about their dreams in front of a huge lake..the bird wants to live in a water,he think he'll be more happier if he could swim and live in a water..the rabbit also tells his dream to have a huge wings so he can fly through the sky..and the fish telling the others about his dream,he wants to be able to walk on earth with his leg,which he doesnt have..but oneday rosela the forest goddess hears their dreams and let their dreams come true with her magic..see the adventure of the rabbit,bird and fish here,the storyboard and the animation are all below..i hope you enjoy 

the storyboard

our simple animation

we got 95 for this assignment