Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Andy's betawi family - character design

my midterm test character design subject on 3rd semester,
we had to design a characters based on a script with dialogue.
just read and then try to knows the characteristic for each character to make the visual 
matches with the story,

from left to right : andy - mr rianto - mat slamet - mpok rokaye

he is an unstable boy who doesnt really like to school,
he spent a lot of his times in front of tv playing playstation..
thats make he doesnt want to go to school anymore,
he said schooling is the most boring thing to do

mr Rianto
andy's teacher,a kind and friendly teacher who wants to meet andi's parents
and ask what makes andi doesnt want to go to school anymore,a patient nice guy type

Mat slamet
andy's dad,a real betawi people(betawi is one of the tribe in Indonesia)
 he loves to raise a lot of chicken,so he always on the backyard,which lot of his henhouse placed there

mpok Rokaye
an agressive hyperactive and natural speak person who sells the fries,
she always happy and care.flirtatious one lol

i got 84 for this midterm test,1 more point to get an A score

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