Wednesday, July 6, 2011

animals based character - character design

 taken from my character design class on 3rd semester,
 a character animal based,it can be anything,
like zebras,elephant,ant etc but now i'll show you my animal character friends
they're ultimately adorable

here they are

CODY - clown fish
Cody is an amazingly attractive talented clown fish singer
with his album called "im a fisherman", a very popular guy,ehem fish lol

 MILO - chick
she is a melancholy sweet little chick,she always looks sad no matter what is goin on arround her..
 she lost her parents when she hatched from egg,
but she is a sweet and genuine chick

LAURA - fox
Laura is a flirty party femme fox gurl,always touch up her looks
ended up wear a glamour dress,very high end and classy.she is the bitchy bitch one,
she wants to find a rich fox,so he can buy her anything

i got 85 for cody, 90 for laura and Milo is one of my random artwork lol
and they're all manual sketches assignments

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