Monday, July 4, 2011

lipsync animation - 3d animation

another hard work assignment taken from my animation class on my 4th semester,we had to make a lipsync on our animation so the character is saying somethings look alike..the dialogues are the best part lol,its a warkop dki dialogue,a huge fenomenal comedy group in my lecturer pick that dialogue to kept indonesian marksign as indonesian animator

for the first time i like "what the hell" but its getting more and more interesting lol

here's the video

the concept i brought here :
oneday 2friends are having a fun drive,the blue one is singing while the orange one is bored and then they had a car accident,they crushed a young woman..the blue guy kept blaming on the orange guy,he said that bcz the orange guy didnt pay attention that much while driving
i got 85 yeah,another A score..lovely lovely

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