Monday, July 4, 2011

papercraft paperjoy - coorporate identity

my coorporate identity taken from entrepreneurship class on 4th semester,
in my entrepreneurship class we should create a businessplan,a plan to created a busisness,whatever it is,an online business or food and beverage, my team had an idea abt a company selling the papercraft as a product
my duty here is to create the logo,the envelope,business card for every employee etc..a coorporate identity


concepts i brought here :
papercraft paperjoy is a company selling papercraft so a pick a bird origami as a metaphor of paper-creative things based,i choose the blue color as a primary color to represented how we care our customers abt giving an ultimate quality that they would get and we always updating our design,because papercraft is a technology combining design so i choose grey and blue as a modern imagery,i draw a bird there because papercraft paperjoy is a company online based and we will serving you as fast as a bird

and here's the coorporate identity
such as,letterhead,business card and envelope

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